E-design service is a conceptual design of a single room. Based on your inspiration we will curate a cohesive look. You will receive a concept board with a design scheme, professionally drawn floor plan with furniture layout and images of your new room post design,

You will receive a welcome email with a personal link to your project and further steps.

In the client section you will have detailed instructions on How to measure and How to photograph your space.

You will be able to submit your inspiration images and describe your goals via Client Portal or by emailing your designer.

From the day you submit all requirements, it takes about 2 weeks to see your full design.

Once completed, you will receive a notification email and your design will be viable in the Project Section of the Client Portal

Some of the furniture and materials shown in your project will be available to purchase via an exclusive online shop on your Client Portal. You will also see specification callouts for items typically purchased by contractor, such as paint colors, floor finishes etc. for your reference.

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