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Last updated: April 22, 2021

Welcome to Space Level Up!

Please review the following basic rules that govern your use of our site. Please note that your use of our site and/or payment of any service constitutes your agreements to follow and be bound by these terms. We may revise this agreement at any time, you should visit this page periodically to review the terms of your use. By using this Web Site you, agree to such terms and conditions, as well as these Terms and our Privacy Policy (available here). Should you have any questions concerning any of our policies, please contact us at hello@spacelevelup.com.

Space Level Up (SLU) is owned and operated by M4 Solutions Inc., 177A E MAIN STREET, Ste 429 NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10801. Space Level Up (SLU) is referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement. The customer or client of the service according to this agreement is referred to as “you” or “your”


Space Level Up is a custom 3D Virtual Interior Design service, providing the customer with tailored design solutions for their specific space. A Virtual Design process includes conceptual development, space planning, research, and presentation. Furnishings, fixtures, textiles, and accessories are collectively referred to as Merchandise and are an integral part of the design process. SLU incorporates selections based on the CLIENT’S needs, budget and aesthetic, which is communicated with SLU prior to design phase, in writing, via client portal or email. Recommended Merchandise specifications will be provided to facilitate the purchases of items. However, it will be the CLIENT’S responsibility to follow through in purchasing all items recommended. SLU does not sell or purchase any Merchandise.


Space Level Up will make every effort to ensure that suggested items fit with the lifestyle, space, and budget. It is the CLIENT’S responsibility to make the final decision if the product meets their quality and price expectations. Fee covers one conceptual design. Should other options be needed, additional fees will be incurred. SLU cannot be held responsible for designs that may later be undesirable or cause inconvenience.
If you decide to purchase any Merchandise, based on our suggestions, all of your connections shall be between you and that particular vendor and you agree that SLU will not be responsible for any issues relating to Merchandise, including but not limited to manufacturing imperfections, mislabeled dimensions, damages, shipping problems, late deliveries, out-of-stock items or vendor price changes.

All vendor prices, colors and availability are approximate and may vary. We are not responsible if the recommended item goes out of stock or is discontinued and we will not reselect, with exception, if it is permanently discontinued within 14 days of our design. It is client’s responsibility to inquire and manage lead times.

Vendors do have the right to change their pricing, and SLU does not guarantee pricing as outlined in design process.
Any (proposed) Merchandise may be subject to Sales Tax and Shipping charges collected by other third-party vendors and suppliers. Shipping costs and taxes will not be included in the budget.
It is the CLIENT’S responsibility to verify all measurements prior to purchasing Merchandise. Remember to check measurements for your doorways, hallways, stairways and/or elevators to ensure they will fit. All drawings, such as floor plans and elevations, prepared by SLU are: (i) based on dimensions and other information provided by you; and (ii) are intended for design purposes only; and (iii) cannot be used for construction. If you believe that renovation/construction is (or may be) necessary, SLU recommends that you consult with a licensed professional, or M4 Interiors, prior to undertaking any such activity.
SLU recommends that you always test paint colors on your walls prior to painting and that you look at the sample colors at different times of the day and in different lights.
SLU is also not responsible for any redesign and CLIENT understands that all interior designs, including those provided by SLU, may represent the opinion and tastes of the designer as the designer interprets the CLIENT’s goals and wishes. Should CLIENT choose to shop elsewhere, after design has been rendered, SLU is NOT responsible for any visual misrepresentation. Items included in the design and in SLU client private store are items suggested to purchase. By clicking on each you will be redirected to the retailer we recommend, and you will do business directly with them. In case of exchange, returns or other disputes relating to the products/goods sold by third-party vendors, CLIENT understand SLU is not to be involved for any reason.


Interior Design is a collaborative process between SLU and the CLIENT. The most successful projects happen when the CLIENT is actively involved in the process and communicates and meets the expectations outlined below. SLU will make every effort to complete the work within the time frame allotted below and agrees to notify the client of anticipated delays. If through no fault of SLU, the project is delayed, CLIENT agrees to communicate in writing those changes immediately.
CLIENT has 14 days from the time of submitting payment to submit the pre-design requirements. Once the pre-design requirements have been submitted, SLU will have 48 hours to review and approve. Once approved by SLU, SLU will have 14 days to deliver the design to CLIENT


All SLU fees are paid in full prior to executing agreement. SLU’s fee for services rendered are non-refundable. Should CLIENT fail to provide pre-design requirements within the allotted timeframe as listed in SECTION 3, SLU has the right to keep 15% of funds for administrative fees and overhead.
Should CLIENT and SLU breach these Terms and Conditions where liability is at risk, neither CLIENT nor SLU will be able to exceed the total amount of fees paid to SLU by CLIENT.
SLU will not be responsible for any damages or breach of the Terms and Conditions after three months from the date payment is rendered to SLU by CLIENT.


With a few exceptions, CLIENT may only communicate via email. Most emails will receive a reply within 24 hours except on holidays and weekends.


Working Hours are set between Monday and Friday, 8am -4pm.


The CLIENT and SLU have the right to terminate contract and negotiate a refund for unexpected circumstances by either party. CLIENT and SLU must both AGREE and in writing via email or client portal.


CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold SLU and its employees harmless from any liability, loss or damage they may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments against them arising out of the activities to be carried out pursuant to the obligations of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the use by CLIENT of the results obtained from the activities performed by SLU under this Agreement.
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